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I suppose the first seed of doubt came in my senior year of Bible College. I was enrolled in a course called Apologetics 322 which is the study of the defense of faith. (For a more detailed explanation of Christian Apologetics click here) Curiously it was the only course that I came close to failing since I could not bring myself to perform the mental gymnastics that it took to argue many of the positions. Apologetics frustrated me since the arguments always seemed to come back to an appeal to faith, shifting the burden of proof or making presuppositions about things that could not be proven. Despite the frustration that the course created more questions than answers, it somehow did not shake my faith at the time. It would not be until several years later that these doubts would propel me to action.

Five years after graduating from Bible College, while being actively involved in ministry, I set out to find out if the belief system that I had held to my entire life was true or not. I found myself at a crossroad: (more…)

My name is Mike Greenslade and I am an atheist. It wasn’t always so. I was raised in a traditional Christian family; and I don’t mean just Sunday Christians. We went to church twice, sometimes three times on Sunday. We were there for Bible Study on Wednesday, Youth service on Friday, Youth activities and devotionals most Saturdays and Prayer service Saturday nights. As if that wasn’t enough, we attended special services whenever we could. My parents had a strict rule: if the church doors were open, we were to be there. No questions, no exceptions. This (more…)