Welcome to becomingatheist.org. It is our goal to develop this site into a sort of safe haven and point of reference for those who are questioning the existence of a god or gods and simply do not know where to begin their search. This site will provide useful direction on where to find information on subjects like evolution and counter-apologetics. It will also provide narrative on issues like secular morality and the problem of evil.

Three years ago I found myself in the same position and was frankly overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of information available out there. I know this is frustrating. But, in time you will come to appreciate the availability of information on the subject and how to effectively sift through it. It was not long ago that this type of research could only be done by the elite of religious organizations behind closed doors, beyond the reach of the layman. Today, with the wide-spread use of the internet, the information is literally endless. New discoveries in History, Archeology, Literature and Science are happening each and every day and we have the privilege of having real-time access to these breakthroughs at the tips of our fingers.

Go ahead, explore. Dare to challenge your beliefs. Question everything. You just might be surprised at what you discover.

Michael Greenslade – Editor, becomingatheist.org


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